The question has been posed, “Who is doing all of the work on the Healey campaign, what’s their motivation?” Well, the answer is simple. Its all of us, including you. You have started support sites, followed the campaign, liked/shared posts, educated yourself and others. We are all volunteers with no strings attached. No promise has been made by Bob, with the exception of his promise to work with, and for, all of us to fix the problems we have all dealt with for far too long. We all know that, in Bob, we have a representative. An individual who is intelligent, accessible, and will work solely in the interest of us. Who knows when we will have this opportunity again?

When was the last time you truly believed in a political figure? When was the last time you spoke of our leaders in government with pride? This is our time. We are all standing together and making our voices heard. We’ve ignored the beard comments and “wasted vote” justifications. We are putting our foot down and saying “All of the corruption, all of the waste, and all of the politics as usual stop here.” For the rest of our days, we will look back and be able to say that we were part of something special. We accomplished the unthinkable. We did it the right way, for the right reasons.

On behalf of Bob and all of us working on the campaign, THANK YOU!!! However, we are NOT DONE YET!!! We are fighting against millions of dollars of special interest campaign financing and we all need to push this over the finish line. Please talk with family, friends, and co-workers. Share the post, or make your own. We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive comments, videos, memes, signage and other shows of support. Don’t stop now. We’re united citizens and we’re taking our state back!

With the most sincere gratitude,

The Healey Campaign Volunteers

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